For the Fall 2022 Semester these committees will be combined to form one large committee to encompass the goals and purposes included below with the potential of expanding further as interest and membership grows. This means more leadership opportunities and ability to influence direction will be available soon.

Engagement Events  Committee

Led by: VP of Recruitment and Engagement

Student Organizations Committee

Led by: VP of Student Organizations

Diversity and Student Experience Committee

Led by: VP of Diversity and Student Experience

  • Works on engaging new (and returning) students in the college through passive and active events (Giveaways, Major Exploration Night, E-Bash, E-Week, etc)
  • Committee members: help plan events like Major Exploration Night, benefitting COE students to help learn about professional experiences within their major. Members would also work on other events to get students involved within the COE
  • Oversees and assists student organizations in meeting their requirements for the College of Engineering, while simultaneously advocating on their behalf
  • Committee members: help plan events like the Student Organization Awards Banquet at the end of the year, honoring student orgs for all of their accomplishments and celebrations. Members also help plan various other events in collaboration with other student orgs
  • Advocates on behalf of students (specifically focusing on diversity and inclusion), facilitates trainings, meetings, and events regarding these topics                                                                                                         
  • Committee members: communicate with diversity organizations and help lead initiatives on diversity within the College of Engineering

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