As of the Fall 2023 Semester, we have three active student-run committees that serve as an entry point for students to get involved in WESC.

BE Engaged Committee

Professional Development Committee

Social and Wellbeing Committee

  • BE Engaged is a new program as of Fall 2023 aimed to engage first-year engineers with all that the College of Engineering has to offer.
  • BE Engaged Committee members will have the opportunity to create events and collaborate with campus partners to develop academic, career, community, and personal success for first-year students.
  • Professional Development is important for all students to get comfortable with early-on in their college career to be prepared when discussions with employers arise.
  • Professional Development Committee members will plan events and programming aimed to make professional development accessible to all members of the College of Engineering.
  • Social and Wellbeing Events are a recent focus of the College of Engineering as the engagement of all students helps foster a more comfortable experience for all.
  • Members of the Social and Wellbeing Committee will help to brainstorm event ideas that they believe would positively contribute to their fellow classmate’s wellbeing.

Meet Your 2023-2024 WESC Committee Leaders

Becca Zelten

Credentials: BE Engaged Committee


Benjamin Johnson

Credentials: BE Engaged Committee


Rishab Gupta

Credentials: Professional Development Committee


Emma Lu

Credentials: Social and Wellbeing Committee


To get involved and sign up for a WESC committee, please fill out the form to the right ——>