The Wisconsin Engineering Student Council (WESC) serves as the voice and representation of all engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is enacted by facilitating events, hosting listening sessions, and advocating for the overall student experience within the College of Engineering.

WESC Mission Statement

Diversity Mission

The Wisconsin Engineering Student Council (WESC) hosted a diversity forum on October 14th, 2020 regarding Diversity and Inclusion in the College of Engineering. In response to the student feedback given at the forum, WESC would like to make this statement to clarify our goals moving forward as a governing council acting in the interests of the student body. We stand with students of all backgrounds and identities within the College of Engineering. We aim to create an inclusive environment by:

      • Hosting diversity trainings and workshops that promote inclusivity
      • Fostering accountability and education through our student organizations, specifically through reshaping how we award funding in order to encourage continued growth and inclusion in all spaces in the COE.
      • Continuing to foster conversations that provide for feedback.
      • Acting as a bridge between the student body and CoE administration through our continued meetings with leadership in the college.

Specifically, from this forum, we acknowledge and stand behind the concerns brought forth to WESC including;

      • The Abraham Lincoln Statue on campus and its harmful impact to all students, specifically those from a BIPOC background.
      • The impact of “The Rock” atop observatory hill, that has time and again been proven to be a racist symbol, that stands in stark contrast to the surrounding campus.

We thank all the students who attended our first forum, and we have already passed on the feedback to CoE administration. If at any time you have further comments or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our VP of Diversity and Student Experience, Matthew Engel at