Engineering Student Org Awards Banquet 2024

Monday, April 29th @ 6-8pm

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (DeLuca Forum)


Banquet RSVP Form (due Sunday, April 7th @ 11:59pm)
Three leaders + advisor from each organization are invited.
Please note that this is an individual form, so all attendees must RSVP individually.

Awards Overview & Judgment Criteria

Awards Application
Due Sunday, March 31st @ 11:59pm (last day of Spring Break)

Please review the FAQ sections below. Additional questions? Contact WESC ( and/or Olivia Lemke (

Banquet FAQ

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Why should I attend the Awards Banquet on April 29th?

It’s a great opportunity to earn funding for your organization through monetary awards, gain recognition for your organization’s work, learn about the events in your peer’s organizations, hear from insightful speakers, take photos with your leadership team, and get a delicious free dinner!

Do I need to apply for an award in order to attend the Banquet?

No. Although it is highly encouraged to apply for awards, it is not required to attend the banquet.

I nominated a member, are they allowed to come to the Banquet?

Yes! After our awards committee reviews the nominations for the Outstanding Member Award, they will select finalists. The number of finalists is dependent on the number of applications. These finalists will be contacted by WESC with RSVP information, and they will be able to attend along with their organization’s leaders.

Our organization is under the advisement of multiple staff members/professors, can all of them come?

No. In order to adhere to the maximum capacity of the venue, please only invite one advisor.

What is the dress code?

Business Casual, please see the following link for more information.

Award Application FAQ

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How many awards will be distributed at the Banquet?

Nine awards will be given at the Banquet. There are three categories (event, individual, and organization) with three awards in each. See this document for details on each award.

What do award recipients receive?

All recipients will receive a personalized (engraved) award. The three recipients of the Organization Awards will receive $300 for their RSO.

Who is reviewing my award application?

The awards committee consists of both undergraduate students in the Wisconsin Engineering Student Council and staff within Engineering Student Services.

Can my organization apply for multiple awards?

Yes. You can apply for as many awards as you would like. Note that leaders and members can submit applications.

Are applications accepted on a rolling basis? (Is it advantageous to apply as early as possible?)

No. Please take time to thoughtfully write/record your responses. Our awards committee will review applications once the deadline has passed.

How do the Individual Awards work?

There are three individual awards: Outstanding member, leader, and advisor. There are no self nominations allowed for these awards but all members of the organization are able to nominate their peers/advisors. For example, as an organization leader you could nominate a fellow leader in your organization, a member of your organization, or your advisor.

I’m an advisor. Can I apply for an award on behalf of the organization I advise?

Yes, advisors can apply for awards except for the Outstanding Advisor Award since no self nominations are allowed.